Friday Roundup: The Higgs and the End of the Universe

  • I talked about where the light goes when you shut it off, and the role the bizarre world of quantum mechanics plays in the answer.
  • The mass of the Higgs Boson we discovered (if it is the Higgs Boson) suggests the possibility that, at some point, our universe will go through a phase change, the laws of physics will change, and . However, it’s important to understand  that this possibility is still very speculative. We need a more accurate measurement of a different particle, the top quark, to know for sure.
  • At UCLA, scientists discover a , and many other hazardous viruses.
  • Scientists create “proto-RNA” that assembles itself, a possible .
  • Scientists discover an ancient .
  • .
  • After studying ancient plaque, scientists conclude that .
  • Another example of predictable evolution: .
  • This brain scan can .
  • Dolphins, the only non-human animal to .
  • We discovered while doing construction work on a highway.
  • Using nanocapsules, scientists invent a .

Featured Book (from Leonard Susskind!)

The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics

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