Friday Roundup: Brain Scans that Read Your Mind and Quantum Refrigerators

  • I wrote an introduction to relativity for kids, and I’ll be continuing this over the next several weeks. If you’re an adult, there’s still no shame in reading it.
  • After gathering additional evidence, scientists have even more reason to believe that . However, we still can’t be sure if it’s the Higgs from the Standard Model of physics, or if it’s different.
  • .
  • . Cockatoos can do it too.
  • . Apparently, it is not just a modern problem.
  • Remember the baby who was cured of HIV using normal HIV drugs?  (out of 70). Treat it early enough and it can be prevented.
  • This has a cooling power equivalent to a single window A/C capable of cooling the entire Lincoln Memorial. It works by causing hot electrons to quantum tunnel out of normal metal into a superconductor.
  • Scientists discover that a natural peptide and neurotransmitter called . (Hypocretin is also known as orexin.)
  • Scientists delete a single gene in mice, . On a related note, mice with as many as 200 tumors in their lungs are apparently .
  • Strong evidence that .
  • .
  • A rudimentary performs as well as a top notch earphone. This stuff really is a wonder material.

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