Friday Roundup: Arctic Camels, Wireless Computer/Brain Interfaces

  • This insect’s wings contain tiny nanostructures that actually , the first structure of its kind discovered in nature.
  • .
  • Using nanoparticles, , destroying them without damaging the surrounding cells. In related news, an by beginning administration immediately after birth.
  • A bit exciting and a bit creepy.
  • After scientists , the mice got smarter.
  • .
  • Scientists discover that the male ancestor of every living human being existed about 340,000 years ago, twice as long as expected. , much like modern humans and Neanderthals interbred in Europe. In related news, . (Elmer Fudd would be disappointed.)
  • A followup on the possibility of superluminal communication. If quantum entanglement travels at a finite speed, it’s . Backwards as this may sound, that’s evidence against faster than light communication. Check out my article on the subject to see why.
  • Children adopted by same-sex couples .

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